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A healty and productive worklife

The company wide coach that fosters effective, productive, and healthy work habits.

Works with the tools you’re already using

Well-being and performance go hand in hand

Unlock The Secret

Science shows that employee well-being and performance are highly correlated, and the most advanced companies focus on improving both.

Meet Your Personal
Work Habits Coach

Our solution guides employees in cultivating smart and healthy work habits through behavioral change. The best part? Livvwork is rooted in schedules and effortlessly integrates into the daily workflow.

Rooted In Behavioral Science

We’ve cracked the code on behavior change and developed technology based on cutting-edge science and years of testing. Our in-house experts collaborate with leading scientists to ground our solutions in the latest research.




We encourage people

We encourage people to make the right choices by providing feedback, offering self-reflecting questions, enabling goal setting, and publishing (peer) insights.




Highly personalised suggestions

We send highly personalised suggestions to employees regarding location, calendar, meeting effectiveness, and office-attendance. These suggestions are ad-hoc, triggered by changes in variables.




We simplify work

We simplify work by offering tools in addition to traditional scheduling solutions - just ask Livv to give a hand.

Change is a Journey

Cultivating healthy and productive work habits requires changes across various domains over time. Livvwork empowers employees to outline their individual journeys with simple, measurable, and transformative tiny habits.


Set goals and reflect on your work to avoid procrastination, distractions, and stress.


Strengthen connections, communication and feedback with colleagues & peers.


Help find work-life balance by making smart decisions about your individual work rythm.


Build deep, uninterrupted work into you schedule; make sure you won't be distracted.


Bring more movement to each day, either behind your desk or by exercising.


Find moments of energy in which to recharge and reflect.

"Imagine a workplace where everyone performs and feels optimal. That is not the future of work, that's Livvwork."

Elevate Well-Being, Cultivate Culture, Maximize Productivity

Improve working habits

Set personal goals and receive insights in working habits

Receive personalised scheduling suggestions based on your preference

Assess and receive insights around behaviour

Receive micro lessons on healthy working habits

Get your lunch delivered when working from home

Improve engagement

See who else is in the office at a glance

Get notified about updates in peer location schedules

Follow peers and favourites

Sign up for lunch at the office

Get connected and meet new people

Increase organisation effectiveness

Broadcast company and team events

Enable “Who is @office today” communication

Choose the right date, time and location for your next meeting

Get periodic insights regarding changes in working habits

Sync employee location with tradional calendar solutions

What people say about Livvwork

"Using Livvwork, our team members make more intentional decisions regarding their work rhythm."



"Livvwork allows us to effortlessly keep track of who's in the office, eliminating the necessity for manual administrative tasks."



Change is personal

Recognizing that change is a highly personal journey, we only retain the information necessary to drive improvements in work habits. Rest assured, we uphold strict confidentiality standards - individual employee data is never shared with employers or any third party.

We safely secure your data

We only retain the information necessary to drive improvements in work habits

We protect your privacy

Individual employee data is never shared with employers or any third party.

Bring a healthy and productive worklife to your business

Life changing. One tiny habit at a time
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