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Unlock the Secret: Well-being and Performance Go Hand in Hand

Science shows that well-being and performance are highly correlated, and the most advanced companies focus on improving both.

Meet your personal workplace co-pilot

Our solution assists your employees in making smarter and healthier choices about when, where, and how they work. The best part? It seamlessly fits into their daily workflow.

Rooted in behavioral science

We’ve cracked the code on behavior change and developed technology based on cutting-edge science and years of testing. Our in-house experts partner with leading scientists from a range of disciplines to ground our solutions in the latest research.


We encourage people to make the right choices by providing feedback, offering self-reflecting questions, enabling goal setting, and publishing (peer) insights.

Hey Robert,

To what extent was your most recent meeting important to reach your overall objectives?


We send highly personalised suggestions to employees regarding location, calendar, meeting effectiveness, and office-attendance. These suggestions are ad-hoc, triggered by changes in variables.

Hi, Livv here.

You have no meetings scheduled tomorrow.

Would you like to take this as a work-from home day or work from a local co-working space to save commute time?


We simplify work by offering tools in addition to traditional scheduling solutions - just ask Livv to give a hand.

Ask Livv:

Q: When can I best schedule a meeting with Trevor and Eva at the office next week?

A: Based on your schedules, Friday is the best day for this meeting

Elevate Well-being, Cultivate Culture, and Maximise Productivity

Improve working habits
Set personal goals and receive insights in working habits
Receive personalised scheduling suggestions based on your preference
Assess and receive insights around behaviour
Receive micro lessons on healthy working habits
Get your lunch delivered when working from home
Improve engagement
See who else is in the office at a glance
Get notified about updates in peer location schedules
Follow peers and favourites
Sign up for lunch at the office
Get connected and meet new people
Increase organisation effectiveness
Broadcast company and team events
Enable “Who is @office today” communication
Choose the right date, time and location for your next meeting
Get periodic insights regarding changes in working habits
Sync employee location with tradional calendar solutions

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